A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 1 week with a friend. The goal was to create a simple fight game focused on game feel

Rules :

The goal is to kill your opponent by shooting a bullet on him.  

You can strike the bullet of your opponent to make them go in the opposite direction. You can also strike your own bullets to increase their velocity. 

You can find few bonus bullets in the area. 

The score is unlimited, so you can make your own limits to determine the winner. 

How to play :

You can play with both gamepad and keyboard.

Gamepad :
  • Move : LS or D-pad
  • Shoot : B or RB or RT
  • Strike : X or LB or LT
  • Jump : A
Keyboard :

Player 1 :

  • Move : Q for right, D for left
  • Shoot : B
  • Strike : space
  • Jump : Z

Player 2 : 

  • Move : arrow right for right, arrow left for left
  • Shoot : numpad0
  • Strike : numpad.
  • Jump : arrow up
Credits :

Art (character, animation and fx) : 

Theophile LOAEC

Game design and programming :


Vincent TRINEL


GunFight 258 MB

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